Scrollbar blocked by Table Of Contents in Obsidian Publish default Theme

Steps to reproduce

Navigate to any Obisidian Publish page with the default theme on a desktop browser.
e.g. the official Obsidian Help page.

Resize your window to a maximum of 1400px width, so that the sidebar overlays with the scrollbar.

Expected result

The scrollbar of the page should be click- and draggable like on any website.

Actual result

The scrollbar is not interactive with a mouse cursor.


Tested on

  • Microsoft Edge 117.0.2045.60
  • Mozilla Firefox 118.0

Additional information

As far as I’ve seen the fix could be quite simple.

The sidebar only has a padding and blocks the scrollbar:

.site-body-right-column .site-body-right-column-inner {
  margin-right: auto;
  padding: 0 24px;

These two lines can be changed to a margin:

.site-body-right-column .site-body-right-column-inner {
  margin: 0 24px;

This adds enough space for the scrollbar to be interactive again, and doesn’t change the layout in any way.

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