Screenshot is creating a note like text at the left pane

So is there a possible way, to remove the text from the left pane of the attached image?

It was creating a text with a title of “Pasted image 20210221201525”. This is whenever I pasted an image on the notes… I was worried that it might ruin the simplicity or the neatness of the notes and folder I made… I might attached multiple images…

That is the actual image file. You can save images in another folder. And you can set a default folder for all images. A lot of people use a folder called “attachments”.

I use images and try new give them a similar name to the note they’re in, so they’ll be next to each other in the file explorer. If you right click the image in the explorer and rename the image, the link text in the note where you pasted the image will automatically update to the new file name.