Screen-space inefficient wrapping of links in edit mode

Steps to reproduce

  • original text for reproduction:
- some text
	- [C:\Users\Me\Desktop\2020\this_is_some_very\long\path\My_Very_Long_File_Name.xlsx](file:///C:/Users/Me/Desktop/2020/this_is_some_very/long/path/My_Very_Long_File_Name.xlsx)
	- [C:\Users\Me\Desktop\a little bit shorter path\Wraps_Correctly.xlsx](<file:///C:/Users/Me/Desktop/a little bit shorter path/Wraps_Correctly.xlsx>)
  1. Paste the text from above to Obsidian.
  2. Set pane widths as seen in screenshot shown under header “Actual result”.

Expected result

  • Wrapping immediately after list-item marker "- " is unnecessary in case like the following since the rest is wrapped again anyway.

Actual result

  • On Windows7 in Obsidian 0.9.11 it looks like this:
  • Rendered in preview mode wraps correctly but in edit mode: One line of valuable screen-space is wasted on each similar item; The list can occupy up to 50% more space when each item contains one wrap.
  • It seems to be imperfection/simplification in wrapping logic. Or is there any good reason to do it like this?


  • Operating system: Windows 7
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.11 (and also previous versions)

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