Screen Freezing Up In Sliding Panes

We strongly recommend you to search the forum with possible keywords before submitting a new bug report. Please also try your repro steps with third-party plugins and custom CSS disabled and see if it’s still reproducible. If it’s an issue with third-party plugins or themes, try contacting the author for help. Once you’ve done the above, delete this line.

Steps to reproduce

The trigger for this bug is opening up the same file in two separate Sliding Pane windows.
One pane in Edit mode and the other in Preview mode.

Expected result

I expect the panes to function separately without freezing up the editor causing me to close the app. I noticed Obsidian froze because no button hotkeys worked.

Actual result

The app froze causing me to close Obsidian.


  • Operating system: macOS Big Sur Version 11.2.3
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.12

Additional information

Sorry, we don’t take bug reports about third party plugins.

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It’s all good! I deactivated sliding panes. If it occurs again without 3rd party plugins, I’ll resubmit the report.