Scores, grades and non-binary fulfillment of tasks

Is there an easy way to set a score to something?
For tasks, there is a binary checklist [ ] , but what if I need something with more variety?
Empty and full stars could be an option, a circle with a grade in it, or anything similar.

If there isn’t a good option, would you think it’s worth (and possible) writing a plugin for that?



Others have suggested using YAML or tags to achieve this. Here are a couple links you may have missed while searching for an answer:

Hope it gives you some ideas.


Thank you for the references.
I’m looking for something to put in notes rather than as metadata, hence it needed to be more functional and good-looking and not just descriptive.

I was thinking of something like this for habit or goal tracking. If I want to do something three times a day (daily note) or twice a week (weekly note), syntax like this could work:

- [x][x][ ] task text

It could render as un/filled stars, circles, boxes or any other manner of symbols.

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The site lets you create images that display percentages or similar numbers in bars, and you can insert them into md files with markdown.

For example, ![progress 28%]( will give you this:
progress 28%
You can include words in the bar:
70% completed
There’s other examples at the link above.

I’ve just tested in my Obsidian files and it works there.

The alt text and title text (“progress 28%” in my example) aren’t strictly needed for the image to appear but either would allow you to do text searches for specific progresses, and the title text would appear on-hover if that were important to you. The alt text would allow you or others to understand the image when using a screen reader.
[this is alt text]( "this is title text"

You could standardise on using percents in increments of 10 to make it easier to search for notes at a specific level of completion (i.e., use 10%, 20%, etc, never 16%).

Using different words would allow you to have two or more grades/ratings for each note.
20% completed
80% useful

![20% completed](
![80% useful](

Thanks @tf2, I thought of something like that. How can I choose to render it other than regular checkboxes?

@aliceharris that looks amazing! I will definitely look into it.

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I am not sure how much you need these stars/scores to do (visual vs other functions), so this may not apply to your current situation at all. That said, the specific use case of empty and full stars for their visual value in previews/publishing can be achieved with HTML entity codes for stars. There are codes for both black and white stars, which could be used for full and empty. I haven’t tested it in Obsidian, but they should be styleable with CSS.


I don’t know that you can in Obsidian, but I’m just starting to wrap my head around theming and styling in the app

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