Saving purchase receipts to Obsidian


Does anybody currently save their purchase receipts to Obsidian?

If so, please could you share your workflow? For example:

  • Scanned through app or physical scanner?
  • How do the files reach your vault?
  • Do you use any automation?

I’m currently trying to decide whether I could get away with saving them as a JPG or whether I should PDF/OCR them. I’m not that fussed about searching their content.

My approach with documents is to save the raw file in my attachments folder but then I don’t refer to the file directly. I create a note which links to the raw file and then I only refer to the note - allowing for tagging, notes, linking, aliases, etc.

UPDATE - I have decided to use PDF.


I don’t, specifically because Obsidian is for my thoughts and some other tool, DEVONthink for me, is for other people’s thoughts or receipts. It’s far too easy to grab one tool for everything and then overload it so it’s not being used well for most of your uses.

To me storing receipts in Obsidian is getting into that realm. Yes, it can do it, but should you be using Obsidian for that?