Save reading view as markdown

Use case or problem

I have pages that include dataviews, task queries and other dynamically generated content. I want to save the page with the content/format that is visible in reading view (or also preview) as a markdown page with the results of the queries or other Obsidian plugin or formatting saved. I can export to HTML without pandoc using the pandoc plugin or other markdown formats but with content loss.

Proposed solution

Add a “save as markdown” or “export as markdown” that takes the reading view and saves what we see.

Current workaround (optional)

export to html is the best I can do.

Related feature requests (optional)

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Once you’ve exported to HTML, you can copy paste it back into Obsidian as HTML if Settings > Editor > Auto Convert HTML is on.

I think there are feature requests for some of those plugins for options to render the results to Markdown. Search the forum or their GitHub issues pages.