Save Open Vault From Ram

Use case or problem

My hard drive crashed and I’m staring at ghost files haunting my Ram. The files will be gone when I shutdown Obsidian or my computer.

Proposed solution

If Obsidian could save an open vault to a new drive path then the files that have no device but still have relevant data could be saved. In that case a hard drive crash would only cause data loss to an obsidian user if they closed Obsidian after the hard drive corrupted.

Current workaround (optional)

  • Open each document in each folder in your open vault one-by-one.
  • Copy the entire contents.
  • Paste into something that isn’t obsidian. (one-vault-at-a-time means that obsidian is not a solution for transferring)
  • Save file with name that resembles the original file
  • Close Obsidian (DESTRUCTIVE)
  • Open Obsidian
  • Create a new vault
  • One-by-one open the cloned files
  • each file must be copied in it’s entirety
  • Create file with name matching lost vault file
  • paste the copy into the new vault file
  • REPEAT UNTIL YOU GIVE UP AND CRY or the vault is recreated?

If your files are still viewable in some way, you could make a new vault on whatever storage and copy them to that — copy-pasting the contents one by one if need be.

It sounds like you have learned the importance of backups the hard way. Sorry to hear that!

Easy directions to setup local backups: Home | World Backup Day — March 31st

Links about online backups: Home | World Backup Day — March 31st

(Note that sync isn’t backup. Cloud Backup vs. Sync | Different Services, Different Uses)


I have three copies of my vaults. The one in a directory in a dropbox folder. Another one by pushing all the files into a git repository. A third one by running a backup script to copy the whole directory onto a seperate drive. With dropbox, even if i change a file or delete it by accident, the old one is still there on the dropbox website. Same applies to the git repository. You can’t be sure the memory copy has all the files as the OS may not have loaded all the content for each file, only the ones it has displayed in a tab.

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