Save offline html images into vault

Hi all
I am new to obsidian. I have searched a few hours online but could not find the answer.

Basically, I have a lot of HTML documents saved offline. When I open them in my web browser and copy and paste into obsidian, none of the images in the HTML documents is saved/imported into the vault (as attachment). What I got are relative path like this:
![](file:///D:/my documents/…png)

I wonder is there a way to import images in offline HTML documents into obsidian as attachments?

many thanks!

I can copy the image and paste into Obsidian. Does that work for you?

Or drag the image to where you want it in the note

  1. if I copy the image from an online webpage, yes i do. The image is saved to the vault.

  2. If i copy the image from offline HTML, or a word document (for instance), then NO. The image is linked to a local directory rather than saved within the vault.

in Typora, I have the choice of copying local image to .assets folder so that all images are saved together with MD file. Any idea how to do this in obsidian?

many many thanks.

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