Use case or problem

  1. In a note (suppose it is named inside the vault, create a heading containing an HTML tag, such as ## <i lang='fr'>L’amour toujours</i>
  2. In another note, attempt to reference the specific section of the note by typing [[Example#L’amour toujours]].
  3. It won’t work, unless you change it to [[Example#<i lang='fr'>L’amour toujours</i>]]

Proposed solution

The suggested heading (as well as the one to be referenced) should be sanitized—hence stripped of all HTML tags inside it—before it is read.

I should be able to use [[Example#L’amour toujours]] both for ## L’amour toujours and ## <i lang='fr'>L’amour toujours</i>

Current workaround (optional)

Removing HTML from headings

Related feature requests (optional)

Related bug report erroneously created:

Reading this reminds me that obsidian doesn’t sanitise the haystack either when you search for anything:

Searching for “is this”
in the following:

What is this mode of action?
What is this mode of action?

  1. Will find the string in the first line
  2. But not in the second line, because the word “this” is italicised, and thus you would have to search for “is *this”. Which then obviously does not find the first example either.

Hm. Not sure if this is good or bad, but certainly good to know.

True for both editors and all views?