Samle Vaults or Templates


For moderators: If there’s not the right place for this message, please
transmitt it where it’ll be on its right place :slight_smile:

I’m a newbie in Obsidian.

Now/before for more than 15 years is/was the everyday user of MS Outlook (ToDo, Calendar), OneNote. (All < 2013 issues :slight_smile: ).
For business and personal goals as well.
For mobile: Sync everything with Sumsung SmartSwitch.

Came to principle decigion to move to this wonderful product!

The main difficulty - it’s not easy just start!:slight_smile:

The Obsidian structure and community as well suggest hundreds of possible
decigions (‘road maps’) (that’s really great!), and it’s difficult to take a choice :slight_smile:

I’ve found a lot for myself in “Share & Showcase”…
Not sure everything I could get there :slight_smile: In the process of combining…

The suggestion:
Set the subcategory in “Share & Showcase”
"Sample Vaults or Templates"

Divide it in (?) levels:

  • Start/The Beginner (?)
  • For Everyone/Everyday (?)
  • Sofisticated/Special (?)

Include subcategories (tags ?): Home tasks, ToDo, Dashboards, Home repair,
Blog, Dish Recipe… etc.

Include sorting by community rating.

Of course it’s not absolutally like the “From box” concept for the begginer, but as I understand here comes those who aren’t afraid to do something by themselves :slight_smile:
I’m sure we’re expecting a lot of “thanks” and “greetings” for the contributors for such category :slight_smile:

Have a nice time with Obsidian! :slight_smile: