Run in Portable Mode?

Can Obsidian be installed and run in portable mode – that is, without needing Administrator privileges because the program doesn’t modify the system or its configuration?



I need this also – no admin privileges on work computer.


I also need portable mode.


+1 for portable mode.


Portable Obsidian please…

… So I can use it from a pendrive.


I’d like to add my voice to requesting this. I don’t know why Obsidian needs more permissions than a local folder, especially since it isn’t “portable” right now. This would not allow for Dropbox in general, but a user workaround would be backing up the .md files into the desired Dropbox folder.

Being able to take my “second brain” with me would make this invaluable.


With 9.1 I can no longer install Obsidian without administrator privileges. I get an error message saying that the exe file doesn’t have an app associated with it.

new job, I haven’t got admin rights on my main PC: any update on this ?
Was it possible before to execute Obsidian in portable mode ?
Many thanks


+1 for portable mode


I will also put a +1 on a portable Obsidian that I could run from PortableApps, for example.

I’ve did a small test here, and simply copied the installation folder to another machine (from Windows 7 to Windows 10).

I need to perform more tests, but for now, it seems working fine.

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That’s essentially the workaround I’ve been using. I let it install, then copy the result and paste it to where I had installed it when we were able to choose the location. So far, that has worked for each new version.


Nice to know.

I’ve put the Obsidian folder inside my PortableApps, create a shortcut to it, and now I can use it like other PA’s.

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Just to inform You all that my portable Obsidian updated itself from 0.9.10 to 0.9.11 and, for now, everything is running fine.

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I would also like to use Obsidian from a jump drive without needing admin privileges.
Thank you!

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only pdf export seems not to work (for me)

+1 for an Official Portable Mode support

I really need this feature

+1 for this (or some sort of repackaging that would make the app easier to install / run on work computers). I have admin rights and have been able to install pretty much everything, but Obsidian apparently violates the organization’s group policy and IT will not allow it to be installed.

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workaround here:

+1 for official portable version

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