Ruined links after Readwise Highlights Folder vanished, then reappeared

What I’m trying to do

I was trying to work with some of the many highlights I have in Obsidian (1.4.16) from Readwise and Readwise Reader. These were placed there by the Readwise Official Plugin.

But they had all vanished. Obsidian did not seem to know the Readwise folder existed. It did not appear in Explorer.

The folder did exist in the Vault. I could see it in the Finder (I am on Mac OS 13.6.1).

Not sure why Obsidian was blind to it. But I restarted. O reindexed the Vault and the Readwise material was back in Explorer.

But – links from a given note to any specific Readwise highlight no longer work. Each link has changed so that it has the word “delete” in front of it. Like this: “[[delete#^b3e095]]”

Is there any way to fix this? And any explanation of what happened? I’d like to know what caused this so I can be on the lookout for the problem, and maybe avoid triggering it.

Thanks in advance!


Restarting app restored the missing Readwise folder.

I didn’t try this in the Sandbox Vault as it involved Readwise sync, and I didn’t want to mess with that.

Repairing the links is possible. If I replace the word “delete” with the correct title of the Readwise note that disappeared then reappeared, I get a correct link to the highlight.

That’s a pretty time-consuming process, though.

I’d like to understand why this happened. Being able to link to particular highlights was a great feature, but not if I can’t be sure it won’t explode again.

Thoughts, anyone?

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