Rollout Plugin

Hi everyone, I recently joined the Obsidian family and was shy to talk or introduce until I’m a bit more advanced in the use of Obsidian, but found an issue that got me to write here, is it just me or have this plugin’s Options suddenly stopped working?

I was using it extensively but for the last few days (5-7 days) Options show empty, before I remember I could choose to delete from previous note etc, now it’s just a blank page.

I’ve tried looking into the folder where the plugin resides to see if settings where there but there’s no file for settings as far as I can see…

Sorry we don’t take bug reports about plugins. Contact the autor of that plugin directly.

Understood! Anyway, thanks for Obsidian! Super happy to have it be part of my life and routines :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: