River view - TiddlyWiki like

There is a feature I really like in TiddlyWiki, it is the riverview of every opened tiddlers. It looks like this :

File 1

file file file…

File 2

File file file…

File 3

File file file

New editors open side by side, when opening a new editor, it opens by defaut at the top of the last one. It allows a “river” view fluider, a different workflow as well.

I am unable to code, but I hope some of you might find this plugin idea usefull as well.

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I do not know about a plugin supports this, but I do like this idea since I used Tiddlywiki too

There is a similar plugin called Sliding Panes which places notes left to right.

Indeed ! :slight_smile: But it is not the same, I really prefer the up-down approach. Is it possible to tweak Andy Matuschak mode, somehow ?

Sorry, I don’t know. The Andy Matuschak looks cool by the way :smile:

Something like this, maybe, if it still works:

You may also be interested in the “Document Spanning” plugin proposal:

Thank you :slight_smile: I will look the thread about Matuschak, however the Scrivening view is not what I wanted, it depends on the file explorer, not the notes I have opened.

It might be worth adding your use case to the Document Spanning thread, since the only difference between it and what you want is the scope of which files are included. If someone makes the plugin, maybe they could have an option for “river view”.


This could be merged with this thread on “infinite scroll on multiple selected notes”.