Right click in File Explorer menu add open in new pane

Use case or problem

When I am looking at files in the left bar file explorer I invariably right click on a note title and expect to be able to open that note in a new pane. I do get that option when I right click on a link within a note as shown here:

Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 1.43.45 PM

Proposed solution

Add the option to open in new pane just above the Rename option in the right click menu in the File Explorer Pane
Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 1.43.57 PM

Current workaround (optional)

Related feature requests (optional)


This was implemented in 0.12.7

I’m running 0.12.7 and it’s not working that way for me.Screen Shot 2021-06-27 at 6.37.31 PM

My Apologies. This will be implemetend in 0.12.8

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