Right click in Edit mode to delete current note

I don’t use the file explorer and rely on links and search functionality. The only way to delete the current note is to right click it in the file explorer and select delete. For me it would be useful to be able to delete the current note by right clicking in the writing pane (Edit) and select Delete (just like we already have copy and paste).

That way I can disable the file explorer again.

EDIT: I wanted to delete this topic but it doesnt let me. You can see the reason below.

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Why not ctrl+shift+click to open the note, then delete it?

I mean I want to delete the current note. So it is already opened and there is no other way to delete the current note besides using the file explorer. I personaly dont use it since its just a giant list of notes that are not related.

Or do I misinterpret what you are saying @b3u ?

EDIT: nevermind, i tottally forgot the buttons in the top right corner to delete something. I will delete this feature request haha. Just forgot about them…


There’s also a command in command palette (with custom hotkey) to delete the current note. Moving to archive.