RFC: Separate Light and Dark themes

Whereas: There are a number of otherwise brilliant themes in the Community Directory which only work in Light Mode or Dark Mode,

And Whereas: I keep being unpleasantly surprised when I switch to one of them when I’m in the other mode,

And Whereas: I don’t think it’s reasonable to ask everyone who makes a theme to make both a light and a dark version,

And Whereas: I would like, for example, to have Ursus be my light mode theme, but Comfort be my dark,

Proposed: that the app have separate themes available depending on whether one is in Dark or Light mode. Several apps already do this, so there is a UI precedent.

My main concern is that this would cause complication in the UI for downloading from the Community repository.

I phrase this as an RFC because I’d like the opinions of other people who are actually doing serious CSS work in Obsidian, as opposed to just copy and pasting themes around like myself.

What do you think?


This sounds interesting and I’m with you on the notion that I may want one Dark theme and another Light theme. Because of all the hassle I haven’t tried combining themes yet.

I’d like to add that I’d like to have the ability to save userstyles so that they could be applied to light or dark themes.