Reverse/Autolink or link as you type

I think it would be a great feature to “reverse” link in entries, that is, to show “unlinked references” not just to the entry that is opened, but to other entries that could potentially link back to the entry you’re on. That was you could see what words might link to other entries bidirectionally.

Another thought is to “search” the present text and autolink any entries that match in the entire database.

As an alternative, when you’re writing new “ideas” Obsidian would automatically be searching as you type and when you type a word a small popup would appear next to the word you typed and say “link.” That way, when you’re typing up ideas, you would be able to see links to other ideas while you’re typing. Of course, you would want to be able to turn this feature on or off in case it was annoying for a “focused” session.

The advantage of bidirectional unlinked references is to spur new ideas or else connect other ideas that may not have been realized in the process of composition.

  • Create a way to bidirectionally link unlinked references in current entry
  • Create a feature to continuously search the database and show where you can link as you type
  • Create a “button” to “auto-detect” links on your current page to other pages (it may be helpful to have two options: one where you autolink everything, and another menu to choose what you link)