Reveal in Finder is very slow

Steps to reproduce

  • Open or create an existing vault in MacOS
  • Click “Reveal in Finder” on one of the files or folder in the vault
  • It takes about a minute to open the folder/file location in the Finder. In the meantime the whole Finder app it’s not responsive anymore.

Did you follow the troubleshooting guide? [Y/N]


Expected result

That works fast as any other app

Actual result

It opens the folder in the Finder correctly, but really slowly blocking the Finder for about a minute.


MacOS Ventura 13.5 on M1, but it happens also on another laptop I have which has Intel CPU

Additional information

It’s fixed in 1.4.6.

So, you can wait until the next public release or download the 1.3.7 installer, copy it to /Applications over your current, and update to 1.4.5 within Obsidian. Finder launches immediately using Obsidian v1.4.5 (1.3.7 installer).

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