Reveal file in navigation should highlight the reveled file

Steps to reproduce

Right click on link in preview or edit mode, and select “Reveal file in navigation”

Expected result

The file revealed is the file of the link target

Actual result

The file revealed is the current file


  • Operating system: Linux
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.12

Additional information

Are you sure? can you post a screen recording?


I realise I only recorded this in “preview” mode but the effect is the same in edit mode. Maybe I misunderstood the feature? Is it to do with showing a file if it is hidden? (in which case my screen recording isn’t proving anything at all…!)

at the moment it justs expands the folder where the file is in. We should add a flash or something.

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That would be a great addition, so this “bug report” has turned into a feature request!
Here is confirmation of what you just said… thank you.

fixed in 0.9.13