Reveal external linked file in OS (Finder/Explorer)

Hi everyone.

What I’m trying to do

Let’s consider this external link:


Clicking on it, Obsidian will try to open the file using a suitable app.
Instead, I’d like to open the Desktop folder (in this case) + select the

In other words, I’d like to have a “Reveal in Finder” option.

Is it possible, somehow?

Many thanks in advance for any clue on this.

I don’t think there’s a way built into Obsidian. It’s probably possible for a plugin to do; I don’t know if one exists.

But here’s a way:

  1. Select the URL except for the file part (file:///Users/kennash/Desktop/).
  2. Open the context menu (right-click mouse or 2-finger click trackpad).
  3. Choose “look up” (should be the first item and will include the URL).
  4. Double-click the folder in the preview that appears.

If there are spaces in the path, they need to be URL-encoded (replaced with %20) for this to work.

Another option would be to copy the URL and then run a shortcut (which you’d need to make in the Shortcuts app) that reads it from the clipboard and opens it in Finder. This might also require the spaces to be encoded, but the shortcut can be written to handle that (it could also be written so it doesn’t matter if you include the file part).

Thank you @CawlinTeffid for your attention!

Actually, as far as I can tell, your 1st method opens the folder, but doesn’t select the file.

Yeah, it would need the file name to do that, but if you include the file name in the selection then you get a preview of the file with no option to open Finder.

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