Reuse the same pinned tab when clicking a link referencing its internal note block

Use case or problem

If a non-pinned note contains a link to a block of its text, clicking the link will highlight the block and navigate to it: if that note is pinned, however, the same document will be opened in a new pane, highlighting the block and navigating to it, switching focus to it.

Example note

This is a text. ^mylinktest

This is another text [[test123#^mylinktest]] the above one, will open a new tab if pinned.

Proposed solution

In this particular case i think the expected behavior would be to NOT open the same document in a different pane, instead keep navigating and highlighting to the linked block in the same pane (since we are not really switching to another document by following the link internal at the note itself)

Current workaround (optional)

None that i know of.


Related feature requests (optional)

The possibility to choose a behavior in this task may be interesting: if referencing a block inside an already pinned note from a non-pinned one, it would also permit to choose to either open a new tab or give focus and navigate/highlight to it.

I might have seen this asked maybe more than once and I often run into this.