Return H1 heading in a query

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Hi, I want to retrieve H1 headings of my notes and create a list. The reason is that I put the name of my in H1 headings. The filenames have a ZettelKasten style, just date-hour-min-seconds.
Does anyone know a query for this purpose?

You might be able to do this with built-in search. A query like line:(/(^# )/ might work.


Many thanks, it really works, but I would have the result of the query in a md or txt file.

There might be a way of using the same regular expression query with dataviewjs—I’m not sure though!

Many thanks, I will try more, but up to now I haven’t success using neither Vantage nor Dataview plugins.

Hi, I am not a programmer and a newcomer in Obsidian.
I am still not able to retrieve the h1 headings which contain the name of my notes (the name of md files are in zett style). If anyone can help, I appreciate it.

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