Retrieve list of bullet points and their sub-*sub*-items

This is a continuation of my previous post: Retrieve list of bullet points and their sub items

I have a nicely working solution where a dataview query allows me to display, from different notes, all bullet points and their children bullet points, containing a certain hashtag:

LIST item.children.text
WHERE > (date(today) - dur(3 days))
FLATTEN file.lists as item 
WHERE contains(item.tags, "#6AAA")

As I use this, I see that I’d love to retrieve sub-sub-sub… bullet points as well. In other words, not just “children bullet points” but also (grand)*children.

I tried to play with LIST item.children.children.text but can’t find a way to get them all properly.

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!

PS: Off topic, I’m really getting acquainted to daily usage of Obsidian and truly love it, that is thanks to such a fantastic and modular product, but also thanks to the many people helping here. So thanks to all!

I’ve tried a little, and can’t find a way to recurse down into the sublists. At least not with ordinary queries. It might be possible using dataviewjs, but you’ll need to tailor the query and use recursive functions to do this.

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Thanks for the response and help!

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