Retain capitalization when renaming note names

Using the latest 0.12.3.

It is a great feature that when you rename a note all links to that note are also changed in all related notes. It would even be greater when the capitalization of the links is kept. Specialliy the first capital.

Most of my notes have a name that start with a capital. Just because I think it looks better when you look at the note. No special reason. But most of the time when I link to other notes in a note I use all lower caps because the link is part of sentence and most of the time not at the start.

When a note is renamed (with a first upper character), all links pointing to that note are changed to start with a Capital. Which is logical, as the new name starts with a capital, but it is not what I want most of the time.

If the “change links that link to the renamed note” function could take into account the capitalization of the old name of the note, and keep the capitalization the same, that would be great.

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