Results of a backlink including block titles

First, I love Obsidian, and I respect the Developers putting in thousands of hours to run the software

I’m a daily notes user, and I try to use it as much as possible, but the way Obsidian returns the backlink results when “Topics and Subtopics” are used represents a problem.

In this example, I’m trying to see all the movies performed by Matt Damon, but the result is useless. It is possible to see the actor and the date but not the movie’s name which requires to open each file to see the name of the movie


Roam Research, which I know works in a different way (not plain text/markdown files?), can bring the three needed information:

  • 01 - Bullet
  • 02 - Sub-bullet
  • 03 - Date (filename)
  • 04 – in the case of Roam, it brings the page and all the related back-links

Which is interesting, making a test with Logseq, accessing the same Obsidian database, it can bring the three information


I’m aware of the “dataview” plugin but it requires building the information in a fixed structure to work properly using YAML or using “::”

In this example using Will Smith, the first move is inside a daily note, but the second had a dedicated page, and Roam could bring both.

And LogSeq also, accessing the same Obsidian database.



  • Is there any workaround to retrieve the information from Obsidian the same way as Roam Research and Logseq? (maybe using Logseq together with Obsidian?)
  • Am I doing something wrong and could already be taking advantage of Obsidian’s full potential?
  • the movie example maybe sounds silly but I had used them just as an example. I face the same issue everyday with work subjects.

Using Logseq together with Obsidian and very satisfied with the result - Logseq accessing the very same Obsidian database