Restrict vault to specific folder?

What I’m trying to do

I’d like to temporarily restrict all obsidian functions (like search, file tree display in sidebar, headings traversal, etc) to specific folder. Is it possible? I don’t want to create separate vault, because it would require me to sync/link all settings and plugins across many subfolders of my main vault. I would like to retain all settings/plugins, while viewing and working only on specific subfolder.

Is it possible?
Thank you for any suggestions.

Things I have tried

googling/searching forum

There are various focus mode plugins which can do stuff like this. I’ve not used any of them, but I know they exist, so search in community plugins for something like “focus” and you’ll get some plugins which would help you focus in on a given folder.

(Some random examples without any recommendations: Folder Focus Mode, Focus Mode, ProZen, Zen, … )

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It seems like “focus” plugins only focus on UI elements, and not limiting obsidian eg. search function (except first plugin, which actually limits files/folders displayed in sidebar):

  • Folder Focus Mode - only focuses file tree in sidebar, search still works across whole vault
  • Focus Mode - seems to only hide some interface elements (like sidebar completely) which I don’t want to do. Doesn’t limit the eg. search functionality to specific folder.
  • Fullscreen Focus Mode - same as above
  • ProZen - same
  • Zen - same

Can’t you limit the search by doing a path: "/your/folder" ?

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It’s not fast to get path - obsidian doesn’t have “copy path” when I RMB the folder (I’m sure there is plugin for this too, but copy/pasting path still wouldn’t be convenient) and it also won’t take care of other functions like traversing through headings (with plugin quick switcher++), which will still search headings in whole vault.

You could use `= "path: \"" + this.file.folder + "\""` in one (or more) of you notes to list the current folder readily available for copy-and-paste. Or you could even consider a dedicated command to lift the current folder of the note you’re viewing.

Don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just trying solutions to some of the issue you’ll face when trying to narrow down the scope like you want to do.

Adding this one liner to every note or folder is not elegant solution (wasting notes and space) and making my own commands would be even more time consuming and still only half-measures which is not worth it.

It seems that there is not an easy way for obsidian, to replace spacemacs/org mode for me…

Thank you very much for trying and for your time :slight_smile:

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