Restoring deleted vault

What I’m trying to do

I could not sync my desktop vault to my laptop vault and instead accidentally synced my desktop to itself (but with a different name). When I tried to turn off the sync and get rid of the differently named vault, it deleted everything in my entire desktop vault.

Things I have tried

I did a system restore and got a vault with 2 empty files and an empty folder back. Searching for snapshots of files gives nothing but those empty files. I had kept the Obsidian vault out of my One Drive folders, so the files were not backed up there.

Do you have local backups? You might also check the Trash can.

I definitely checked the trash can to no avail. Fortunately, I have the sync service, so I was able to reconstitute snapshots for the 10 most recently used files. A few hundred other files are lost, but those 10 are the most important, so I’m not as sad as I was last Saturday.

I don’t know how your stuff got unrecoverably deleted, but I recommend setting up some backups.

Easy directions to setup local backups:

Links about online backups:

(Note that sync isn’t backup.

I have everything else on my machines set to auto backup on OneDrive, but I saved my obsidian vault outside of OneDrive because of the warnings about how that could mess it up. I got myself pretty confused with my obsidian syncing on itself (and creating an endless loop). It was a mess. And I did have a backup, but it was a few months old so not much help. However, I think that some of those older files that couldn’t be recovered via snapshots will be in that backup. As soon as I finish fully reconstituting the 10 main files, I will be able to pull some of those older files back in. And then I will definitely back everything up!!! Often!