Restore Vault to a previous state (date or change based)

Is this feature to restore Vault at a previous state still missing from Obsidian Sync?

Example of a manipulation that conducts to some unexpected changes which I would need to revert on the entire vault: Note composer: When merging files, automatically replacing former link name with corresponding alias name in new merged file - #12 by shinyben

I can’t go to all the files one by one if I need to revert something I did on the vault and had an effect on many files (some that I am not necessarily aware of).

In terms of UX it could be a two-way approach where we can either revert using a date or from a change history (e.g. go back before action “foo” and after “bar”)

This is an option that Mega Sync has, and I am hesitating between moving to it. I strongly prefer supporting Obsidian financially Obsidian Sync instead of Mega but can’t without this feature.

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