Restarting/cancelling account

HOW DO I??? No one is home

Did you email support like you were suggested to do?

It’s a small team, so you might have to be patient. Your previous post wasn’t even 24 hours ago yet…

What does this mean? You haven’t really explained. This Discourse forum and your Obsidian account are not the same account.

Also, if you create an Obsidian Sync vault, each remote vault has a separate password that you choose.

If you go to My account - Obsidian you can log in there. (Don’t use your forum password. Use your Obsidian account password here.)

On that page you can see your purchases, and your invoices. You can also cancel your account from there. And if you forgot your password, there is a link to reset it.

As for “restarting an account”, I don’t know what that means.

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