Respect "Show Inline title" preference in embedded files

Use case or problem

I use H1 tags instead of inline titles because I frequently want them to be slightly different (e.g. putting a link in the H1). I have the “Show inline title” preference set to off.

I sometimes want to maintain separate atomic notes for related things but create a combined document that can be shared (typically as a PDF) with others, like:

# Solution Brief for Review
![[The context]]
![[The people involved]]
![[The proposed solution]]
![[Issues to consider]]

At present, even though “Show inline title” is off, the embedded files all have their inline title displayed. Beyond the extra visual distraction, it exposes my internal note structure to others who don’t care when I generate a PDF from the combined note. I’d like to keep them unaware of how I organize things.

Proposed solution

Treat the “Show inline title” preference as applying to embedded files as well as the current file in the editor.

Current workaround (optional)

If I want the combined doc without the embedded file titles showing, I have to copy and paste the contents of other notes into a combined note.

Related feature requests (optional)

Originally opened as a bug in "Show inline title" pref ignored for embedded files

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Turns out there is a pretty simple work around for now - hiding the embedded title via a CSS snippet that gets loaded with the vault:

.markdown-embed-title {
  display: none;