Respect hidden folder

Obsidian donot consider hidden folder as attachment folder subfolder-name under Files & Links > Default location for new attachments > Subfolder name .

The idea is create a hidden .attachment folder which holds all attachment but at the same time it does not clutter the file explorer.


I also face this issue and this one is a huge nobrainer for me.

In Typora all assets went to .assets relatively linked from the current edited file.

Images are referenced as

As you notice in the graph view. Obsidian does not understand that the links are image links.

Also all referenced image files that currently reside in the .assets folder will not be displayed as Obsidian does not find the file:

I changed this to assets and it works but then the folder is displayed.

Hopefully you understand my point in requiring such feature as it helps for better organisation of assets and data files.