Resolved: Obsidian and OneNote: constant 'backspace issue'


This is something I’ve already resolved, but I want to mention my problem here so that others may find it and a problem solution.

One of my Obsidian installations is on a computer where a vault is automatically synchronised with Microsoft OneNote since around six months back.

A week ago, when writing notes, something very strange and irritating started to happen: it seemed that some unknown force pressed the backspace key a few times every 5-10 seconds.

At first, I though this behaviour was due to a buggy plugin, but no: at first, I thought the problem was because of Microsoft OneDrive. I reached this conclusion after having tested different vaults, all synchronised with OneDrive. A vault that was not synchronised with OneDrive worked without error.

However, the problem popped up later: it was because of a plugin: Notes Dater. There’s a GitHub issue that supports my theory; two other persons have come across this issue before I did.

Workaround: disable the Notes Dater plugin.