Resize Obsidian's audio player?


Is there any way to resize the audio player ? The following doesn’t change anything :

![[Recording 20220214234821.webm|100x50]]

Thanks !

You can resize audio and video player with Media Extended plugin
GitHub - aidenlx/media-extended: Media(Video/Audio) Playback Enhancement for

Embed Size Control · aidenlx/media-extended Wiki · GitHub

Thanks for your replay @faysalforbd : unfortunately, this does not seem to work with audio files stored on the computer.

Have you managed to resize the audio player succesfully using media-extended ? Even with local files ?

Yes, It’s work for me

Thank you @faysalforbd ! In understand better : you need to be in reading mode for the audio player to be resized with media-extended plugin (it does not work in Live Preview).

It works well, however if you try smaller size (let’s say 200, which is still quite wide if you want to include in a dataview table), the player is not displayed properly :


Do you have the same behavior ?

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Yes, I have the same behavior.

I think it’s a bug, need submit an issue on GitHub.

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