Resize backlinks panel

When I click the arrow to show the backlinks pane, it fills the entirety of the screen, and the content of the note becomes a single character column. I’m not sure what caused this to happen in the first place; I had played with some custom css themes, but I have turned it off since and have deleted the obsidian.css file from my folder.

I would try reinstalling the theme you were using.

I am using the default dark theme. Is there a way to reinstall that?

I’m not exactly sure what your setting are or what you’ve done but have you tried toggling “custom css” off?

Or you could toggle it on and then install one of the other themes:

You could also try reinstalling the app to get you back to where you were.

Try deleting the .obsidian/workspace file and see if that helps?

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Where is this located? I don’t see a .obsidian in my home directory. (I’m on MacOS)

Community themes also do not work

.obsidian is a hidden directory within your vault directory. Where is your vault located?

Another way to test or “fix” this issue is to create a new vault and see if the issue persists.

You can get into the .obsidian folder on macOS by using [Cmd]-[Shift]-[G] like in this article:

You’ll want to open your vault’s folder in the finder, then hit [Cmd]-[Shift]-[G], then enter “.obsidian”, and then you’ll be in. Then you can delete the file named “workspace”.

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Deleting .obsidian/workspace and then restarting obsidian worked. Thanks guys!

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