Request to Restore Functionality of "Move Current File" Command in Version 1.3.4

Use case or problem

In version 1.3.4, when using the shortcut key to execute the command “move current file to another folder”, if the folder does not exist, pressing Enter will create a new folder. We hope to restore the function so that pressing Enter does not create a new folder, as this currently results in the generation of a large number of erroneous folders.

Proposed solution

Please restore this function to its old mode, or add a setting switch to this function.

I even wasn’t aware until now that you can create new folders with the “move file” dialogue… :wink:

But, silly question (maybe): why would you press Enter if there is no folder to move the file to and you don’t want to create any? :thinking:

I am sorry but we are not going to do this.

There are two possible scenarios: one is accidental operation due to too fast actions, and the other is when a script action moves to a non-existent folder.

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