Request to have Search display results from notes where a block is embedded

Use case or problem

Here is an example of the problem in a sandbox vault

Test1 has a line of text. I embed that line in Test2.

If I search for the word experiment, only Test1 shows up in the results. Test2 doesn’t show up.

When I want to search for two or more words, if one of those words is in an embed, it won’t show up in the search results.

(I had to recreate the above in a sandbox, hence the different block id)

It would be useful to have Test2 show up in the above search result.

Proposed solution

When searching for a keyword, it would help if the search results also included notes that contain embeds of the block that contain that keyword.

Current workaround (optional)

The alternative is to:

  • click on the search result corresponding to Test1, then
  • use the id of that block in Test1 for a new search, and then from that search’s results
  • go to the file where the block is embedded.

It’s additional steps to find out where that block is embedded.

I understand this is not a simple request because embedding a block doesn’t copy over the text, it just displays the text and that’s why it doesn’t show up in the search results. But, having that 3-step workaround reduced to just 1 step would likely be more effective I presume?

If there are better alternatives to the above or any info on why this isn’t a broadly useful feature, happy to learn about it!


When you say “referenced”, do you mean “embedded”?

Yes. Obsidian Help (and other note-taking apps) calls linking blocks as “Block References” somewhere, so the terminology got a bit muddled. “Referencing a block” implies embedding the link to a block inside a note.

I hope the post is clear enough with that context?

It would be best to edit the post itself to say what you mean, so people don’t have to read thru the whole thing and then read a couple of comments to figure it out.

I changed the post title for you.

I can no longer edit the post, so, hopefully, it isn’t too confusing. Unless a moderator can help with the edit.

OK, I changed it for you. If you want want it changed differently, just let me know.

I also hope Obsidian can implement this feature.


If this feature is implemented it should also work for searching within a single note.


It works in Reading Mode – only.

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+1 I find this valuable too.


+1 this feature request


+1 I need this feature too. Or does any plugin can achieve it?


+1 to this, surprised a plugin doesn’t exist for it yet

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