Request: Multiple tabs in split windows

I started to use Obsidian and am a heavy VSCode user. In VSCode it is possible to split windows and in each window have multiple tabs.

A frustrating thing in Obsidian (much like Overleaf’s UI) is that when you select a node an open in, it will completely overwrite whatever was open/displayed in the current window fragment.

This is bad UI! Could the developers please make it, so that the split windows allow multiple tabs—or at the very least, if you really don’t want this as the default behaviour (not sure why anybody would not), then allow for a keyboard shortcut (e.g. alt click or something)?

The problem with your current setup is, that some users want to use only a few split windows (e.g. users with small laptop screens) and want to (1) keep severals simultaneously open … and (2) not have to create more split windows. The current setup prohibits this kind of workflow.

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