[Request] Mobile release notes in forum

Could we please have Mobile release notes in the forum along with those for Desktop?

I’m technically on Discord but rarely use it, and on iOS/iPadOS the release notes appear in the app store but I don’t get notified when they’re added. I have the “New features & updates” setting for the App Store turned on, and sometimes when I open an app I get a pop-up change log, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen one for Obsidian. Regardless, it’d be nice to have them collected here.


+1 to having all Obsidian release/update notes in the forum!! I am not on Discord and am very grateful when the moderators or insiders have copied from Discord additional clarifications to the forum-based notes. For example some recent confusion about change in cursors was solved thanks to details copied over from Discord that hadn’t made it into release notes or the v0.15.1 (Insider build) announcement earlier. I am grateful for the effort from everyone in this community to keep us all informed!

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