Represent and edit a single note as a mindmap

This is so cool !

Thanks !!

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I can’t figure out where this feature is in Vnote. Any clues?

Do you know the developer?
It’s so cool but I have problems when I copy the screenshot of the mind map it become dark and unusable for some reason, I am looking for some help

Post these kinds of issues on the Github page linked above!

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Didn’t know one can report bugs there, thanks

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It can be very handy indeed. Specially for turning a book’s table of content into a mindmap. I tried to do it by converting PDF into markdown first and then feeding it to it. But can’t find a app to do it. Pandoc doesn’t do it as it is only doing stuff from “less expressive to more” and the online website I tries were so bad.

The Plugin for mind Maps is now out. You can install it directly from Obsidian.


I know, I am using it now and it is really awesome and helpful. It’s my favorite Obsidian plugin, it’s even better than the original VS Code’s version.
But I think applying it to PDF would be great, or at least finding a way to convert PDF into Markdown for free.

P.S: I just found a PDF to Markdown in plug-ins, and it works !


I installed this plugin manually, and it was showed in the community plugins, but I can’t find the command when I used ctrl + p. Does anyone know why?

BTW, I tried to upload the screenshot,it seems that the “upload” function of our forum doesn’t work for me.

Did you enable it? You must install, then enable, each plugin.

Yes. I can’t install the plugin directly from “Community plugins” because the access to GitHub sub-domain was blocked in China. Therefore, installed manually as the author said. It seems that the plugin was successfully installed because I can see it when I open the “Community plugins” again. However, i can’t see the command when I ctrl+ p.

You can see it, and you have enabled it? There are two steps.

I have disabled the safe mode.

Have you flipped the toggle next to the plugin in your list of installed plugins?

Looks like there is a comparability issue between Mark Map and Sliding Panes. After installing Sliding Pane Mark Map pane does not open anymore.

Linking Obsidian with another mindmap app is somewhat hard and inconvenient. I think converting the lists to a mindmap is one good idea, which is good for showing.

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There is a mindmap plugin:


I can confirm that the plugin works with indented lists initiated by hyphen. Did not test other options.
Mind-maps have been already requested in Mind Maps graph notes! and IMHO this request can merged with it.

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