Represent and edit a single note as a mindmap

Markmap is a wonderful little utility that renders Markdown headings and lists as a mindmap.

It’d be pretty lovely to have this—or something like it—in Obsidian!

Ideally the implementation would go even further than Markmap, which doesn’t let you edit the mindmap. It’d be best if you could e.g., drag and drop items in the rendered map and have the change be reflected in the note.



Would be a cool plugin! I do a lot of ‘professional’ writing, eg reports for senior execs, and in this case structure is almost more important than actual words. Mapping out the hierarchy of sections/sub-sections/arguments is something we do manually.

Also, not sure if anyone has ever done this, but it would be killer to give it outliner functionality – rearranging things in the mindmap will rearrange them in the .md text. Definitely not core Obsidian function, but perhaps a plugin could do this.


Very much +1 on this - would be great in the bigger context of knowledge visualization.

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+1! Great idea!

This is definitely what I wanted. And this feature is definitely a good idea. Some markdown editor, say Vnotex (the next version of Vnote , an excellent markdown editor from a Chinese author,, has already done it. I sincerely hope the obsidian development team will consider doing it.


hi @WhiteNoise, does the dev team has the plan to include Markmap into obsidian? Or a plug would be a good choice.

Hey, the team doesn’t confirm feature development until they’re working on it.

Perhaps once Obsidian’s API is developed we’ll see a third-party developer make a plugin for this.

(Please don’t tag folks on the moderation team to follow-up about issues like this! If everyone did it we would spend all of our time responding to these kinds of messages…)

Please add support for this library! > making mindmaps inside Obsidian!
It will make the obsidian even more popular!


This feature will be awesome with atomic notes.
Would also be nice if can drag drop and edit text on the mindmap.

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Have you tinkered with mermaid graphs in Obsidian yet? More flexible than strict mindmaps.

+1 for Markmap :slight_smile: from my side


+1. It would be great to be able to create and edit mind maps. Ideally, this is a wysiwyg editor.

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This would work great with slides. Immediately tried it with the slides demo:

+1 For me as well here.

I’m currently using MindNote which I mainly used to point to all my files in all different locations. MindMaps in Obsidian would be great. I’m currently using some limited mermaid.

Plus 1

It would be a great advancement.

A mind map is basically an Obsidian graph internal to one single note.

A further features a plugin like this might handle is the possibility to print the mind map as PDF.

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This would be a good editing tool when you finally want to bring it all together into some kind of instruction or report.

  • My issue is there is a fair bit of interlinked “mesh” going on and with Header referencing/linking I have had to add more links compared to when I tried to keep them at the top of the note when I was only linking to the file.

Could someona integrate this magic stuff into Obsidian ?

Thank you very much, Oliver

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+1, I would like this a lot

+1, a very good feature to have, very looking forward to.

Now you could use it by install Mindmap plugin in the plugin market.

Here is its github link: