Reporting 2 bugs in the UI

I’m using Obsidian 1.1.16. I love the view where you can edit the markdown, but it’s displayed WYSIWYG. But I’ve already discovered 2 bugs:

  1. When you create a level 1 heading by entering the title text, then on the next line, entering ---, when you’re done, the --- still remains displayed on the page.

  2. If I create a markdown block using 3 backticks, the work ‘md’, newline, some markdown (I’m using simply ‘----------’ to illustrate how to create a horizonal line), then terminate with a line of 3 backticks and a newline, everything works fine (which I define as the markdown being displayed literally). However, if instead of ‘md’ I use the word ‘markdown’, the enclosed markdown isn’t displayed literally - a horizontal line is displayed.

Please resubmit this bug report and make sure that: 1) you follow the bug report template, 2) you use the default theme (no css) and 3) there are no third-party plugins enabled (You can use the sandbox vault for 2 and 3).

Please, search before posting too.