Reported a bug a few days ago, it seems to have been deleted?

I reported a bug here on the forum, but it seems like it was deleted (not by me).

Are you referring to the thread below, which was moved to help since it didn’t follow the bug report template?

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Yes this one. For some reason the notifications were gone, so I couldn’t find it.

Even if it doesn’t follow the bug template, isn’t this still a bug?
I don’t think it’s something I need “help” with, because it doesn’t seem like a feature (unless there’s a specific reason why this happens, which I don’t know what it is).

As long as you don’t follow the bug template it’s often moved here until it’s clearly established that this indeed a bug, and can be reproduced by other people. And I for one haven’t been able to reproduce it yet.


It’s harder for us to determine whether it’s a bug if you don’t use the template. That’s why the template exists.

The “Help” category is for all kinds of problems.

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It seems that @CawlinTeffid also experiences this

Did you try starting your note with the backtick?
If you add a line or even a single character as the first thing in a note, the issue is not there. You need to start the note with the backtick

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