Replicate Notion's 'databases', with relation properties?

How would you use Obsidian to approximate Notion paradigms, chiefly “databases” that can have “relational” properties, so that items in one database can be bidirectionally linked to those in another?

For example, here is a database with relational link properties to three other databases.

I know these are different applications. I know Obsidian trades in backlinks. But I also think a) the way Notion does it is quite elegant and b) presenting this in tabular and other views (kanban, gallery etc) is effective.

No doubt, in Obsidian, we need to be talking about files-and-folders, with extras.

I have looked into the Projects plugin and also Database Folder with Dataview. The latter sort of approximates it, but it’s pretty janky in comparison.

What would you do?

For example, given the data model in the first screengrab, should I approach things differently, in a particular Obsidian way, with a particular set of plugins etc?

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I have been using the Projects plugin and have been able to do most things I used to in Notion. It is true, the presentation is not quite as elegant off the shelf, but you can get quite close. Here is a video that mentions Notion itself in comparison with Projects

Unfortunately, Projects doesn’t support my iPad.

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This month or first half of the next I will start to dev the bidirectional relations on db folder

You can create a bidirectional relation manually until then

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I have been making lists of some plugins in the space, with pros/cons etc, but I haven’t settled on anything that’s solid. Here is a summary. What do you think, and what else should I be looking at?

  1. DB Folder - GitHub - RafaelGB/obsidian-db-folder: Obsidian Plugin to Allow Notion like database based on folders
    Tables only, some design quirks, now supports bidirectional links.

  2. Obsidian Database Plugin - GitHub - tomaszkiewicz/obsidian-database-plugin: Enables creating databases based on files in Obsidian - like Dataview, but with editing!
    Similar - tables only, supports file links as a column type.

  3. Notion-Like Tables - GitHub - trey-wallis/obsidian-notion-like-tables: Your premiere tool for creating and managing tabular data in
    Just a single table with frontend niceness but no real connectivity.

  4. Projects - GitHub - marcusolsson/obsidian-projects: Plain text project planning in Obsidian
    The only one known to include table, gallery, board and calendar views. But exists in a self-contained silo, not in the file tree. More importantly, doesn’t work on iPad.

  5. Kanban - GitHub - mgmeyers/obsidian-kanban: Create markdown-backed Kanban boards in Obsidian.
    File is present in the tree. Nice Markdown under the hood - flip side, meta data are not set in the card files themselves, only in the kanban file. No real file interlinking except through normal note links, as it’s not really a database.

  6. Cardboard - GitHub - roovo/obsidian-card-board: An Obsidian plugin to make working with tasks a pleasure (hopefully anyway).
    Doesn’t appear in file tree - also I don’t understand it. Tasks-centric.

  7. Dataview - GitHub - blacksmithgu/obsidian-dataview: A high-performance data index and query language over Markdown files, for
    Only for output display, not project management/input. Query language norms not so friendly.


I’m curious about this as well. Do one of those plugins allow you to create tables like a notion?

Markdown Table Editor is good, and very easy to use.

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