Replicate a note within another note using a link

Hello everyone,
I’m pretty new to obsidian so I’m not sure how naive my question actually is.

I was wondering if there is a way to quote/copy/replicate a note within another note automatically through a link.
To have a clearer example: I saw that in TiddlyWiki the link of, let’s say, note A can also replicate its content inside a note B using curly brackets.
e.g. {{note A}} then renders as the content of note A

This would be really useful because you could have a macro note about an article/book/etc collecting and previewing all the notes related to it.

How does this sound? Are there similar ways to make this happen?

If you put an exclamation point before the two opening square brackets of an internal link, it will embed the content of the link when in preview mode. This applies to internal links to headings as well.

Good luck.


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Wonderful! Thanks a lot

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