Replacing Backup, anything to consider?

Hi, I am planning to do a clean install of my MacBook Pro. I’ve got a huge Obsidian Vault + Obsidian Sync to my iPhone. I am plan to fully sync my vault, then copy my vault (folder) to a backup drive, and after the clean install of MacOS and Obsidian simply copy the vault (folder) back to my MacBook.

Is this a good strategy? Is there anything to consider? Especially regarding Sync? I prefer a strategy where it is not necessary to re-sync the full vault to my iPhone again.

Thanks for your help.

I’ve never done this, so these are guesses.

You might want to disconnect your Macbook Pro from Sync before wiping the drive. Maybe that isn’t necessary.

When copying the vault folder over, I recommend zipping it up and copying the zip file. If you move the whole folder, depending where you move it to, that could modify all the creation/modification dates and trigger a full sync when you reattach the vault on the new OS.

If you are just avoiding resyncing your phone, you could leave your phone, and then sync down the vault to the new MacOS instead of reattaching to the zipped copy. (Still great to have the zip backup.)

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