Replace file by drag and drop in file explorer

Use case or problem

  1. Somehow I have corrupted a file in my attachment folder.
  2. I drag the file with the same name from an uncorrupted place into the attachment folder

What happens

When I drag the file from Finder and hover it over the File Explorer, I get a plus sign that I can drop it there.
When I drop it, nothing happens. (the file does not appear in the explorer.

Proposed solution

I expect to be able to drop the file in the file explorer, and get a popup: “File already exists, do you want to replace it”.
The file then gets replaced if I choose to do so.

Current workaround (optional)

  1. Delete the file (and hope the references stay intact).
  2. Drop the file into a document.
  3. Remove the now duplicated reference name.

Related feature requests (optional)

This would be nice to have, mainly an issue because of experiments with Transclusion search shows binary content and corrupts file

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