Repeating tasks

It would be nice if it was possible to have tasks that reset themselves with a new deadline once the task has been completed, since there is some tasks that i have to do every week or month.


A task-manager plugin is definitely one of the things that should help Obsidian take over a lot of users!


Let dream a Little bit. I imagine a todoist Wich each line with a checkbox is a .md file so you have the history of all your task linked with note.

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I agree. That will definitely take it to the next level and get a huge influx of users. I have a sneaking suspicion that the plugin ecosystem is going to set Obsidian apart in a big way. It doesn’t even matter if a lot of the plugins use unportable data - the core system staying simple and .md based is the important thing.


The ecosystem will certainly produce some org-mode like spin-offs fully manageable in Obsidian.
If so you will be able to cover a lot of agenda-, mail-, contact- and task-managmeent.

I dont see why not…

I’m thinking of .md files as blocks/atoms, which dont need much data at all. It’s all about how those files are working together to create the emergence of higher order.

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+1 for this all day