Repeated rendering in reading view of dataview inline fields for duplicated fields

I apologize for the convoluted title.

What I’m trying to do

I have a list of books consisting of title and author, but the fields are duplicated in each item, likewise:

- [ ] (title:: "*The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy*"), (author:: "J.R.R. Tolkien")
- [ ] (title:: "*The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy*"), (author:: "Douglas Adams")
- [ ] (title:: "*Ender's Game*"), (author:: "Orson Scott Card")
- [ ] (title:: *The Dune Chronicles*), (author:: Frank Herbert)

everything looks fine in source view, but when I toggle reading view, then I get:

Screenshot from 2023-11-10 12-54-10

The same happens whether I use checkboxes, bullets or inline fields with square brackets. Is there a way to get around it while keeping the checkboxes?

Thank you!

Your example renders just fine in my case:

So you might need to just restart Obsidian, if this problem still persists. It shouldn’t be needed, but updating Obsidian could also be an option.

Hi, thanks for your reply!
Is this screenshot from your reading view or your source view?
I have reinstalled and updated both obsidian and dataview and I get the same result as the one I posted. I also deactivated the other plugins and uninstall the themes I use. Same result…

My obsidian version is v1.4.16 and I use it mostly on linux (archlinux 6.5.9), if that matters.

It’s from reading view, with minimal theme, and some extra CSS. But that shouldn’t matter, if your reading view keeps repeating a line, it’s something wrong with your installation/plugin/query… It shouldn’t behave like that.

I do have the exact same issue with 1.5.3 (but I think since 1.4) on Windows 11 in both my work and my private vault. Only in reading view, I also have Minimal Theme with some custom CSS and in my work vault I have very few plugins installed.
You didn’t manage to fix it by any chance? I will continue to check and update my installation and plugins…

Solution: Downgrade to dataview 0.5.59 from Sep 23.
I didn’t test all the versions in between, I went to one that was before a special inline field rendering was introduced and various bugfixing issues regarding inline rendering were done.
If I have time later on I will check if there is an existing issue regarding this bug in the dataview repo.

Two days ago someone opened an issue: Inline fields not rendered correctly in reading view · Issue #2216 · blacksmithgu/obsidian-dataview · GitHub
And I commented our use case with the tasks there as well.

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Thanks for letting me know! Sorry, I hadn’t seen my messages for a while. I’ll try your suggestion and get back to you.

Hi Elania, I copy the “main.js” from that version of Dataview and the problem went away. Hopefully someone from the developers sees the issue in Github.
Thanks again!

There was a little development on the Github issue, and I tried implementing the suggested fix (and even created a pull request for it), just to discover it didn’t fix the issue after all.

I’ve also tried to get the attention of the one implementing those inline rendering fixes, @ush, in hope that they can fix the issues in a clearer and better way. :smiley:


Thank you for letting me know, I will take a look at it within a few days.

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